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Whether your cherished pet is here for emergency surgery or one that is more routine, like a spay or neuter, they will receive the same excellent level of care 24 hours a day. Our competent surgeons and skilled nursing staff are committed to providing a safe and low stress experience for you and your pet. The Community Pet Hospital health-care team is trained in complex procedures, can perform most soft-tissue surgeries and excels in wound management. Every surgical patient receives IV fluids and continuous vital sign monitoring. We hope to gain your trust by protecting what is most important – the health and safety of your pet.

Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Spaying and neutering your pet is a discussion that you will have with our healthcare team during your pet’s puppy/kitten exams.

Why spaying and neutering your pet is important:
• Both female and male cats/dogs live longer healthier lives.
• Lowers the incidence of behavioral issues, like dominance and aggression.
• Decreases the risk of developing cancers and other reproductive medical conditions like prostate cancer, mammary cancer, and infections of the uterus.
• Reduces the urge to escape the yard and wander, looking for a mate.
• Helps prevent pet overpopulation.

When is the best time to spay and neuter your pet?
We recommend spaying/neutering your pet starting at 6 months of age to 1 year, before they reach sexual maturity.

Spaying and neutering is a surgery that is done under general anesthesia;your pet will be evaluated prior to administering anesthesia and receive a sedative upon admittance to the hospital. A highly trained technician will be dedicated to the care of your companion, closely monitoring all vital signs during the surgery as well as in recovery. You will be sent home with pain medications and detailed instructions on home care when your pet is discharged.