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Regular grooming, especially for breeds that require extra care, helps maintain their overall health. Grooming can help prevent problems, such as excessive shedding or paw licking, unsightly mats and gum disease. Regular grooming can also help you and the veterinary care team identify health problems early that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Our certified Groomers, Nick Kitchens and Ashley Smith are available for all of your pet's grooming needs! Here is what you can expect during a grooming appointment:
  • Expert grooming performed by a stylist that has been professionally trained and educated.
  • A professional staff dedicated to providing a warm and friendly experience.
  • Professional styles and trims from breed profile to exotic cuts to each owner's specific tastes.
  • A safe, healthy, risk-free environment, as we ensure guests are up-to-date and current on ALL vaccinations.
  • Superior cleanliness in that all grooming tools and surfaces are cleaned, sterilized and disinfected after each session.
  • Reasonable prices for high-quality service.
  • A devotion to offering the highest standard of excellence and the very best service. Complete grooming services includes:
  • Nails are trimmed and filed
  • Foot pads are cleaned and clipped
  • Ears are cleaned and deodorized
  • Coat brushed
  • Soothing bath with vitamin-enriched luxury shampoo
  • Conditioner with naturaI botanical extracts
  • Fluff dried by hand
  • Hair trimmed and styled by certified groomer
  • Bows or bandanas added
  • Luxury fragrance that leaves your pet smelling great for days
Grooming services are available by appointment only at our Riverdale location (128th & Holly Street, Thornton). Pets must be current on vaccinations.
Meet our Groomers!

Nick Kitchens

Lead Groomer Nick has been with CPH since 2013. Nick has a background in Veterinary Medicine along with extensive training in breed specific grooming procedures. He has a special love for Schnauzers and Airedales and experience with all breeds.

Ashley Smith

Ashley has been grooming since 2010. She has a special love for Labrador Retrievers, and currently shares her home with 2 labs and one beagle. Ashley has been certified in all three National Dog Groomers Association breed classes and actively competes in grooming competitions. She has been a resident of Thornton since 1990 and can’t wait to meet you and your pet!