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Dental Care

Most of our pets will need their first professional dental cleaning by the time they are three years of age. We recommend annual oral exams and dental cleanings thereafter to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. At Community Pet Hospital, we do more than just clean your pet's teeth. All of our dental patients are placed under general anesthesia so that we can do a complete oral examination. Much like your dentist, we probe the teeth, measure the periodontal pockets and take digital dental x-rays so that we can catch any problems that might affect your pet's oral health. Eighty percent of dental disease hides under the gum line and is invisible to us without x-rays and probing. As with all anesthetic procedures, patients receiving dental care will receive IV fluids and continuous monitoring of their vital signs to ensure a safe procedure and a quick recovery.

Oral Care and Dentistry For Your Pet

Dental disease is one of the most common diseases veterinarians see in dogs and cats. It not only causes bad breath and gingivitis, but also makes your pet susceptible to oral infections that can spread to major organs. Most pets need their first dental cleaning by the age of 3, but some specific breeds of dogs and cats are prone to dental disease and could benefit from dental cleaning sooner.During your annual exam the veterinarian will grade your pets dental disease and make recommendations on how to improve your pets dental needs.

To help maintain fresh breath in your pet, we recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at least 3 times a week with a pet specific toothpaste and toothbrush.This helps prevent the accumulation of tartar, which leads to gingivitis and the development of dental disease. Although not as effective as brushing, dental treats can be given to your pet if brushing is not an option. When a dental cleaning is recommended for your pet, rest assured he or she will receive quality care by our highly trained staff.

Community Pet Hospital offers a broad spectrum of state of the art dentistry services, including ultrasonic cleaning, digital radiographs, tooth extractions,root canals and pulpotomies.