Grief counseling

Taking care of your pet during a difficult disease or death also means taking care of you and your family. Members of our team are trained specifically for these situations to help you understand the natural coping and healing process during and after the loss of a pet. Our team will also provide you with comfort rooms and quiet time to be with your pet.

We have compiled a list of resources to help with healing:

Resources from the ASPCA


Hospice Care – Ending Life With Compassion-


Veterinary Wisdom for Pet Parents — Body Care for Your Companion Animal


Pet Loss Support Page —  Tips on coping with pet loss


Grief Healing — Helping children cope with a pet’s euthanasia


Veterinary Wisdom for Pet Parents — Helping children cope with pet loss


Grief Healing — Pet loss and the elderly


How to write a story about your pet- 


Coping with pet loss