Payment Plans

CPH requires payment at the time of service.  However, we understand that medical care for our pets can sometimes be an unexpected expense.  For that reason, we accept Care Credit, which is a credit based monthly payment system that carries a 6 month no interest plan.  If you have concerns about paying for veterinary care, we encourage you to apply for Care Credit online.  You will receive a decision immediately, and can use the credit the same day you apply.  When your application is approved, simply print out the account information provided from  and bring it with you to your visit.  Click here to apply now. We also accept most pet health insurance plans.  Learn more about pet health insurance.


Emergency Payment Information

A common question we hear in our emergency room is “Why do you require payment up front?  When I take my child for emergency care, I don’t have to pay the bill until later.”

Because pets are a part of our family, it can be very scary when they become sick or injured and require a trip to the emergency room.  Caring for the needs of your pet is our number one priority, as it is yours. Our 24 hour emergency facility includes a full service hospital, equipped with a digital x-ray machine, ultrasound, lab equipment, a pharmacy, and most importantly a highly skilled healthcare team staffed 24 hours a day. Our staff includes Veterinarians, Certified Veterinary Technicians and Technician Assistants. In order to provide the excellent standard of care that you have come to expect and to maintain our highly skilled technical staff, we cannot afford to act as a lending institution.  Facing this reality and having to collect payment is one of the hardest parts of our job.  Unfortunately, insurance and government subsidized healthcare are not as readily available to pets as they are for humans. These alternative payment options are what human hospitals rely upon to keep their doors open and enable them to treat patients first and worry about collecting payment later.  Human hospitals also staff a large team of billing and collections specialists and use complicated payment processing computer systems, another resource not available to most Veterinarians. For this reason, we encourage pet owners to develop a long term financial plan for how they would like to cover veterinary expenses for each furry family member that will carry them into their golden years. The plan should include funding for dental care, routine yearly visits with vaccinations, as well as an emergency fund to cover those unexpected situations. Pet insurance can be a valuable resource in creating this plan.  We recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance, although there are many companies available who might meet your pet’s needs.  Learn more about pet health insurance.