2012 Angel Fund Newsletter:

The Angel Fund is a Community Pet Hospital sponsored initiative established in 2005 to help animals that have a curable medical condition, but are facing euthanasia because their families are unable to afford treatment. The fund gives these animals (who have met specific eligibility criteria) a chance to live a healthy, long life. The doctors and staff at Community Pet Hospital donate their time and services to treat our Angel Fund patients.  A committee comprised of CPH team members holds various fund raisers throughout the year to raise money to help cover the supplies and medications necessary to care for these pets .  Some patients may be relinquished and re-homed, while other families may be offered a grant to help cover the cost of treatment. 


Current Events

The last few months have been very busy for Angel Fund!  We ended 2011 with a successful 3rd annual Santa Picture fundraiser at our Riverdale location.  Since then, we have been able to use donations to help four animals in 2012.  The committee wanted to share with you some of the great stories.

Available for Adoption

Last month we rescued a young stray mama cat that was brought in by animal control that needed an emergency c-section.  She had 4 beautiful babies and is currently being fostered by one of our employees.  They are 6 weeks old now and happy healthy kittens.  We are still looking for homes for two of the kittens as well as the mama cat.

Our most recent animal that we took in is a little mixed breed 10 week old puppy named “Max”.  He ingested an entire package of rodenticide and was in critical condition with internal hemorrhaging.  The owners were teenagers and prepared for the financial responsibility of pet ownership and relinquished “Max” to CPH so that we could perform a blood transfusion and save “Max’s” life.  He is still in recovery but will be available for adoption soon!

Other Angel Fund news…

In January, we awarded our first Angel Fund Dental Cleaning Grant to “Kip”.  Our doctors nominated senior clients that had pets in need of a dental cleaning, but due to fixed incomes were unable to afford the procedure.  We are happy to report that “Kip’s” oral exam and dental cleaning went great with no extractions, and he now is able to give fresh kisses to his owners.

Also earlier in the year, we took in a young Chihuahua named “Pixie” that got her leg slammed in the door.  The leg was broken and needed surgery.  Unable to care for “Pixie” or for the cost of her surgery, the owners relinquished her to us.  Her leg was amputated and she has found a wonderful home within days of her surgery!

We also awarded funds to a family with a young puppy named “Kenzie” that had an object stuck in her intestines.  She was very sick when she came to us and needed emergency surgery to remove the item.  The owners needed some assistance in paying for all of the costs associated with the surgery.   Due to their financial situation, they qualified for a grant from Angel Fund that helped cover some of the surgery, and “Kenzie” is back at home doing great.

Our last contribution unfortunately did not have a happy ending.  CPH was caring for “Dean”, a fire victim that was the result of abuse, on behalf of Northglenn Animal Control.  “Dean” suffered from severe burns on almost half of his body as well as complications from smoke inhalation.  Our staff was dedicated to his care day and night for many days and grew to love him dearly.  Angel Fund wanted to acknowledge his courage and his fight by making a donation to his costly treatment.  His passing was very emotional for the whole hospital, and we will keep his memory alive.

These stories and more can be viewed in our scrapbook that is being updated and available in our lobby soon.  We want to thank all of clients who support this fund and help us make a difference in so many lives.  We couldn’t do it without you!


Daria McKay, CVT

Angel Fund Chairperson