Please call us at 303-451-1333 if your pet is experiencing an emergency!


Our mission at Community Pet Hospital is to offer excellent client service and to provide your pet with the very best care and we do this 24/7.  That last little bit of the previous sentence is what make’s us different, the 24/7 part.  Years ago, we decided, as a practice, to offer 24 hour a day care because we believed that was the only way we could optimally treat our patients.  We could alleviate the hardship of transferring critical patients to an emergency service when we closed our doors at night.  Those initial years were a struggle for our budding Emergency Service as it took awhile for people to understand and to utilize our overnight crew.  Things are different now and we see many emergencies all day long.

CPH is still the general practice that you have grown to know and love, but we are now much better equipped to handle emergencies and critical patients.  We do, however, need your help.  During the day it is business as usual here and we see scheduled appointments from 7:30am – 6:30pm.  If your pet is sick or injured during our appointment hours, we ask that you call us.  By calling, we can often minimize your wait time by directing you to an Urgent Care appointment or at least prepare for your arrival.

We do see Walk-Ins all day and night but during our regular general practice hours unexpected situations can cause quite a back up with our scheduled appointments.  We ask that if at all possible, give us a call so that we can better guide you to a time that will allow you and your pet to be seen by a veterinarian more efficiently. 

Calling ahead at all hours is recommended to let us know that you are coming.  If your pet is critical, we can have the necessary equipment and staff prepared for your arrival which in some cases, can be life saving.  We are here for you always; we want to be your 24 hour a day connection to good health for your pets.