Here are some things our clients are saying about us:

Last year I went to my regular vet and had my two 5 year old cats Chloe and Clyde’s yearly vaccinations one being a rabies vaccination good for 3 years . I got home and both cats started vomiting and had diarrhea , severe itching , red ears and noses and breathing heavily . I rushed them to the emergency room where they treated both cats and stated they could’ve died if I had waited much longer . This year I didn’t know what to do out of fear this would happen again,  so I started asking around and a good friend referred me to Community Pet Hospital . So I set up an appointment and went down and got their vaccinations. I took them home and to my surprise for the first time they never vomited or went right to sleep like they had always done before from other vets after their vaccines much less nearly dying.  And then to my surprise even more they actually played off and on the rest of the evening full of energy and acting normal . I had heard that Community Pet Hospital’s  vaccinations  were better quality and it was quite clear that they absolutely are without a doubt due to my two cats behavior . The vaccines were just a little more expensive but nothing compared to my trip to the emergency room or darn near losing both my cats ! I also had found out that Community Pet Hospital refuses to give cats rabies vaccines that are good for 3 years due to studies showing they cause tumors in cats . I highly recommend Community Pet Hospital to anyone . Paying a little extra is very well worth it ! Thank you very much Community Pet Hospital for giving me a comfortable and trustworthy place to return next year or anytime in the future for my animal’s needs!!!”

“I am long overdue in extending my thanks and appreciation for the
care, friendliness and all around super service that my kids and I get
when we come to the clinic and Claire is there. She is always so
cheerful, helpful and without asking carries Bailey’s big bag of food
(bigger than her)to my car. Last year my Rosie got lost and I dropped off flyers at your office.
When I came in after she was found Claire came over and told me how
happy she was and when she saw the flyer she cried.
Everyone sees so many pets at CPH and we dog moms always think ours
are the best. Claire has a way of making me feel that my pets are
truly special with her special greetings for them each time as well as
commenting on how far Rosie has come with socialization skills since I
adopted her.Thank you for outstanding employees and vets and especially Claire and
Dr. MJ!”

“[We] just wanted everyone there including Erin to know about
our experience at Pet Community Hospital last Saturday when we had to
put our Kasey Muppy Puppy down. Erin and everyone who helped us were
so nice and so compassionate and caring through this most difficult
time. We had Kacey for twelve years and it was a very hard decision to
make. Erin agreed with us in our decision and helped us through the
whole process; letting us know what we could expect. We feel she went
above and beyond what most physicians would. We will always be
grateful for all of your kindness. If and when we get another puppy we
will come to you. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our dear

“I always appreciate being greeted right away – and they usually know my dog’s name. Friendly people make all the difference.”

“So happy to have a clinic I can count on to care about my dogs and to treat me fairly and compassionately. The caregivers really love the animals.”

“This vet is very kind to our pets, more so than any other vet they have seen. We always feel comfortable and confident bringing our pets to this office.”

“I love Dr. Natalie. She is always compassionate and it shows in how she treats my pet and my family.”

“We have been coming to CPH since it opened and when Dr. Smith had the practice at Northglenn Vet Clinic on 112th & Washington when I was a kid. I have always appreciated the care and professionalism and will continue to bring my pets to your clinic.”

“I feel like the staff at CPH cares about my animals almost more than I do. I am thankful to have a good, trustworthy vet.”

“CPH always does a great job in treating my pets with care and compassion. Always has.”

“Everyone is always very kind, helpful and patient. LOVE that!!”